"Busy Susan"  Lazy Susan in Walnut with Epoxy

"Busy Susan" Lazy Susan in Walnut with Epoxy

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 Kansas Walnut with Coral pigmented Epoxy

18 1/2"

The Kansas Walnut base holds a Busy Susan mechanism that uses ball-bearings for smooth rotation. We apply white-lithium grease to ensure friction-free movement and to protect against rust and to withstand moisture.

We have chosen to use EcoPoxy, a safe, non-toxic natural resin product made from bio-based materials including soybeans, cashew nut oil and recycled egg shells. 

This Busy Susan is finished with at least two coats of Odie's Oil, a non-toxic, food-safe wood finish, leaving no room for unwanted moisture, water, or stains from wine, grease, juice, etc.